Bom Petisco 5 Pepper salad with chickpeas and apple purée

   Product: Bom Petisco 5 Peppers

3x120g   Bom Petisco 5 Peppers
300g   Cooked chickpeas
3   Chopped boiled eggs
2 tablespoons   Chopped parsley

100g  Chopped parsley
0,5dl  Extra virgin olive oil
To taste  White wine vinegar
To taste  Traditional sea salt
To taste   Ground pepper
½ coffee spoon   Paprika

500g   Entire apples
1,5dl   Extra virgin olive oil
0,5dl   Cider vinegar
To taste   Fleur de sel



Bake the apples in the oven, pre-heated to 150º for 40m. Remove the apple skin and cores, and blend along with the olive oil and the vinegar. Season with fleur de sel.



Use small glasses and begin with the apple purée, then the chickpeas and the vinaigrette, the egg, tuna and finally the parsley.

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