Saude - receitas bom petisco

One fish, plenty of benefits!

Declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2013, the Mediterranean diet holds that fish is a fundamental pillar of a healthy diet. Tuna is a fish with a particularly interesting nutritional profile. It has a high protein content and. on top of that, its proteins contain all the essential amino acids – an important factor, since the human body is not able to produce these, and therefore depends on foods that provide them.

The lipids (or fats) found in tuna are also worth highlighting: with a low percentage of saturated fatty acids and high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids, it is rich in omega 3. This makes it a good food to control cholesterol levels in the blood and to prevent cardiovascular diseases. What’s more, tuna has high levels of iron, vitamins, and mineral salts, particularly phosphorous, calcium and magnesium.

And all this, in a can.

For all these reasons, canned fish is undeniably a valuable addition to everyone’s diet. The canning process of tuna allows it to retain the quality of all its nutrients, thereby simplifying the preparation of balanced and complete meals.

saude atum Bom Petisco


Bom Petisco is champions’ food

As a fundamental pillar of our well-being, physical activity is essential for a healthy body and mind. After physical exercise, however, the body must replace the nutrients consumed during exercise, making it vital to eat the appropriate food. Because proteins make up the basis of muscle mass, all sportspeople should ensure that there is a lot of them in their diet. When eaten after exercise, they can help towards a better muscle recovery and maintenance, by contributing to tissue structure definition. They are also effective at satiating the appetite, due to their great ability to increase metabolism. A high-protein diet therefore controls sugar levels and blood fat.