Bom Petisco tuna in passionfruit marinade

Preparation time: 10′      Product: Bom Petisco tuna in extra virgin olive oil and oregano  120g

120g   Bom Petisco tuna in extra virgin olive oil and oregano
2 onions   Sliced onion
1 tablespoon    Sliced garlic
1 folha   Bay leaf
3 berries  Allspice
1 dl   Extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon   White wine vinegar
1 dl   Passion fruit (pulp)
2 tablespoons   Honey
2 tablespoons   Parsley leaves
To taste   Parsley leaves
100g   Bread (without crust)


Prepare a base of olive oil with onion, garlic, bay leaf and allspice and cook until the onion is tender and transparent. Add a splash of white wine vinegar, let it boil and add the passion fruit pulp and honey. Cook on low heat and season with salt.
Meanwhile, crumble the bread, season with olive oil and salt, and toast in the oven.

Finish and presentation

Put the marinade sauce on the plate, top with the flaked tuna, perfume with the parsley leaves and scatter the toasted bread on top.


Replace the passion fruit with orange juice and the parsley with coriander to get a completely different marinade.

Bom Petisco Gaspacho
Bom Petisco tuna and tomato with pepper and Azores cheese