Bom Petisco and hazelnut paste with Sta Maria honeydew melon and anchovies


385 g Bom Petisco tuna in olive oil
4 tablespoon Roasted hazelnuts
400 g Azores cottage cheese
2 unid. Oranges (zest)
2 unid. Azores lemons (zest)
4 tablespoon Extra virgin olive oil
To taste Ground pepper
To taste Fleur de sel
1 tablespoon Chopped chives
1 unid. Sta Maria honeydew melon
1 package filetes Anchovies fillets


Put the tuna, hazelnuts, cottage cheese, orange and lemon zest, olive oil, fleur de sel and ground pepper in a blender.

Blend until smooth.

Finish and presentation
Serve in a glass, garnished with a salad of melon, anchovies and chives, seasoned with olive oil and fleur de sel.

Sweet potato stuffed with Bom Petisco
Cottage cheese, vegetables and Bom Petisco toast